The accounts of 1.7 million users of the Japanese application, Umaii, were hacked

The Net Marketing Co. company, the developer of the Umei application, revealed the penetration of more than 1.7 million of its current or former users last month, which led to the collapse of the value of its shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. today is Monday.

The company indicated in a statement that the leaked documents may include identification papers used to verify the age of users, but pointed out that the bank data were not subject to piracy as it is managed by an independent party in France.

This information led to a sharp decline in the value of Net Marketing's shares Monday in Tokyo, as they fell by more than 19% at the close.

Umiyi, which means arranged encounters between bachelors, is one of the most popular dating apps in Japan, and it focuses on the search for serious relationships. In April, the platform had about 6.9 million users.

Japanese stocks

Japanese stocks closed higher today, driven by a boost from stocks sensitive to the growth of the global economy, with investors optimistic about positive data for US factory activities that helped the Dow index to close, adding to an increase in the previous session.

The Nikkei index advanced 0.17% to close at 28,364.61 points, while the broader Topix index increased 0.44% to 1913.04 points.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose on Friday after data showed that US factory activities gained momentum in early May, driven by strong domestic demand.

Shoichi Erisawa, general manager of the Investment Research Department at Iwai Cosmo Securities said, investors have had a fresh look at global economic growth after the rally in Dow (on Friday), so shippers and car manufacturers shares have strengthened. But this trend may not last long because there is a lot of ambiguity waiting for us. If the economy grows quickly, there may be potential for faltering, which will push stock markets down.

The maritime transport sector rose 5.31% and was the biggest gainer in the main bourse, followed by the aviation sector, which rose 2.70%. Kawasaki Kaisin rose 7.64% and Mitsui Airways OSK rose 4.58%. ANA Holding rose 2.51% and Japan Airlines 2.96%.

Toyota Motor shares rose 1.05%, touching a record high for the second consecutive session, while Honda Motor shares rose 1.51% and Nissan Motor 0.89%. But the stocks that are affected by the economic cycle and related to the local economy have put pressure on the market as the progress of Japan's recovery from the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic continues to be slow.

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