The action game Mighty Doom comes out for free on Android


Almost everyone has probably heard of Doom, although he is not very interested in video games. In the 1990s, she literally defined the FPS (first-person shooter) genre. There are also several sequels. The last episode was released last year called Doom Eternal. Now this famous series has once again reached the screens of mobile phones. The game Mighty Doom was released for Android in the preliminary approach.

Mighty Doom is available on Google Play. For now, however, only for New Zealand

We can already see from the video that this is not a first-person shooter, but an action game with a top-down view. On the display of a mobile phone, this has the advantage of better clarity and also easier operation. The aim of the game is to kill all the demons at each level and gradually bite through to the bosses. As you play, you will encounter a number of iconic enemies, as well as be able to use old, well-known weapons from the Doom universe


You gradually improve your character, which makes it easier to kill demons and you will then get to harder levels. The game is currently pre-accessed and is available to users in New Zealand. In any case, given how much content the game already offers, we can expect an early release of the full version in all regions. The game is available for free and includes additional purchases for real money.

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