The application of the controversial WhatsApp privacy policy has been postponed until this date


The company WhatsApp sparked widespread controversy since it announced its latest privacy policies, which are imposed on all users without giving them room for rejection. In this context, WhatsApp decided to postpone the application of the controversial new privacy policy until the 19 of June 2021, and it is known that this delay applies only to certain countries.

According to the WABetaInfo report, many WhatsApp users in Germany and Argentina received a notification containing a new deadline to receive the privacy policy until June 19, 2021.

Quoting the Mashable technical website, Tuesday, the letter states that this policy has complied with the new data protection law, but these terms must also be accepted by June 19 to continue using the application.

As before, users can still ignore the pop-up notifications, but they will have to accept the terms in order to be able to use WhatsApp with full functionality after that date.

It is noteworthy that WhatsApp was a request from its users to accept the new policy on the 8th of February, and after widespread protests, its final service was postponed until the 15th of May.

WhatsApp said, Although most users accept the new terms of service, we appreciate those who did not have the opportunity to do so. No accounts were deleted on May 15th to refuse this update.

The global instant messaging application owned by the company Facebook indicated that it will continue to provide alerts to those who reject the new policy in the next few weeks.

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