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The arrival of hybrid tires: features and benefits

They are currently accessible for urban transportation and the logistics sector, which is increasing as a result of internet commerce. The trucks employed in this sort of freight transport must operate admirably under any circumstances. Changes in speed with stops and starts, tricky maneuvers, and varying levels of charge are prevalent in changing road conditions. Everything is a problem for all of the vehicle's components on a daily basis over extended working hours, frequently in shifts.

Hybrid tires: what are they?

Tires are crucial in this circumstance, which is why Continental has created the new Hybrid Generation 5 range. It all starts with the HS5 steering axle and HD5 drive axle in 22.5-inch sizes for use on both normal and highway routes. They are designed to suit the varying needs of heavy-duty fleet users, such as frequent accelerating, braking, maneuvering, and cornering on a variety of road conditions.

It has unique treads, rubber compounds, and the current generation carcass to provide optimum mileage, durability, and traction capability while minimizing rolling resistance. As a result, the tire provides balanced behavior throughout its useful life, which Continental claims is up to 20% longer than the previous generation, depending on size. This type of tire's rubber composition has been carefully created to satisfy the rigorous needs of urban transportation. The treads contain two layers (cover base), new full-width 3D matrix sipes, and novel compounds that allow for great mileage and durability. A 0° enclosure is also included for better pressure distribution. This improves fuel economy and reduces CO2 emissions.

These qualities in the 315/70 R22.5 size provide the steering axle more stability, homogeneous wear, and optimal retreadability. It has a long steel string that travels in the direction of travel over the radial casing. This improves pressure distribution on the contact surface, especially when the load is varied. Belt edge stress is also decreased, extending belt life and retreadability.

Improved tread structure

This device successfully protects both the belt and the carcass from harm caused by stones on the driving shaft. In the second half of the tire's life, central grooves with expanding voids and specific stone ejectors prevent stones from being stuck in the wheel.

"With the high mileage offered and the premium retread solution, the long tire life helps to achieve a high level of tire efficiency. fleet and, therefore, to guarantee its sustainable management" says Hinnerk Kaiser, Head of Product Development for Bus and Truck Tires at Continental.

The new Conti Hybrids will be offered in a variety of sizes, beginning with the following:

  • HS5 315/70 R 22.5

  • HS5 385/55 R 22.5

  • HD5 315/70 R 22.5

They can all be connected to the ContiConnect digital management system with the tire sensor pre-installed.

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