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The artificial kidney project is an alternative solution to dialysis sessions


A large number of people suffer from dialysis diseases, which is an incentive for scientists to develop all techniques to reach a revolutionary invention that will sing these patients from dialysis.

According to The Hearty Soul, William Wessel of Vanderbilt University and Shufu Roy of the University of California, San Francisco, launched the "Artificial Kidney Project" in an attempt to solve the problem of the shortage of kidney donations in the United States.

They succeeded in developing an artificial kidney that uses living kidney cells along with specialized microchips powered by the heart to perform healthy kidney functions.

Wessel said, we can take advantage of research and development from Mother Nature by using kidney cells, which fortunately have been able to grow well in the laboratory, and modify them to become a bioreactor for living cells.

The innovative artificial kidney can reliably distinguish between chemical waste and nutrients needed by the human body, and its use requires only minimally invasive surgery to install it inside the body. The kidneys perform a variety of functions vital to human life, including:

  • Maintain fluid balance. The kidneys ensure that the blood plasma is not heavily concentrated or diluted.

  • Regulating and filtering minerals from the blood. Specifically, the kidneys are responsible for maintaining stable levels of important minerals such as sodium, potassium, and calcium.

  • Filter waste from food, medicine, and toxic substances. The kidneys filter waste products and environmental toxins into the urine for excretion.

  • Production of hormones that help produce red blood cells, promote bone health, and regulate blood pressure.

The artificial kidney developed by Project Kidney contains 15 microchips that are controlled by the heart and act as filters. The laboratory obtains live kidney cells from the patient and they are processed to grow in the laboratory on chip chips that mimic a real kidney.

The research team confirms that the new artificial kidney will actually work better than dialysis sessions and provide a more permanent solution for patients after dialysis, and even more effective and long-term than a real kidney transplant.

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