The authors of Pokémon GO announced the AR title with Transformers


Studio Niantic has, for example, a successful and very profitable AR project Pokémon GO, for which the year 2020 was the strongest so far.

And since the whole really understands the augmented reality, it announces its next game, Transformers: Heavy Metal, which they are working on together with Hasbr and the developers from Very Very Spaceship.

Players will become part of the Guardian Network, where they will join the heroic Autobots to defeat the evil Decepticons together. You will discover the secret corners of the Earth, where you will find various resources and fight enemies in turn-based battles.

You can then look forward to various favorites, such as Bumblebee or Skywarp. The full version of the game should arrive on mobile devices by the end of this year.

In any case, preliminary testing will soon take place in selected countries. In order not to miss the launch of this preliminary version, you can subscribe to the news on the official website.

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