The best Multilateral Online Battlefield (MOBA) games for smartphones

The MOBA game rating is one of the most important game ratings ever. The term MOBA is an acronym for a long phrase that stands for "Multilateral Online Battlefield". Therefore, all the games within this category are games based on battles and wars. It rotates within a limited area map. Within this map, the player protects his base along with a number of other players on the one hand and works to attack and destroy the enemy base on the other hand.

The PC platform is the main platform for MOBA games, while PlayStation or Xbox players are not interested in it. But the smartphone platform has proven itself in this category, and the most popular games in this category are LOL and DOTA games.

All the games in this list are free to download, and in fact, most if not all games in this category are completely free, but some include in-app purchases.

League of Legends: Wild Rift: Wild Rift has been a huge hit since it was launched for the smartphone platform. It is a game based on the original League of Legends (LOL) on PC. The game provides an original gameplay experience suitable for all MOBA players as well as for beginners, with outstanding graphics.

Marvel Realm of Champions: This game has attracted a very large segment of players, as it offers an integrated gaming experience within this category and at the same time is based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Within the gaming experience, users can play with Marvel characters freely with high-quality graphics.

Vainglory MOBA: Vainglory is without a doubt one of the most outstanding MOBA games ever for smartphones. The game has excellent graphics, besides, it has some unique additions that are rarely found in games of this category.

Arena of Valor: Arena of Valor, known as AoV, has been a huge hit in recent years. It comes from the well-known company Tencent. However, the game's popularity and success declined after the release of League of Legends: Wild Rift because it simulated the same gaming experience. However, millions of players still stick to it.

Mobile Legends: This game suffered from the same problem as the previous game, as it was affected a lot after the release of Wild Rift. But it is still attractive to new players. The game offers excellent graphics and an active community of players. What distinguishes it is that it has high artificial intelligence capabilities. What's interesting about it is that the AI ​​replaces the player in the event that he loses his internet connection while playing.

Heroes of Order & Chaos: Heroes of Order & Chaos is one of the most popular smartphone games of all time. Since it has been available for many years, it comes from the development of Gameloft, which is famous in the world of smartphone games. It offers an excellent MOBA experience and has recently gotten a redesign.

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