The boomerang-shaped electric microcar is called PIX-L7


The sector of urban electric microcars has not yet "taken off," but all signs point to it becoming a significant pillar of citizen displacement in the future years. Because they don't require enormous batteries, these little cars, less than three meters long and seating two passengers, provide designers with unprecedented opportunities to develop totally unexpected designs and solutions.

Artem Smirnov (@smartiom) is a Belarussian designer who has been working as an independent creative for several automobile manufacturers for over a decade. Artem designed this electric microcar concept after seeing a boomerang. This car is the result of a hackathon organized by PIX Moving, an American mobility research and development organization. The name of this appealing urbanite derives from there, as does the name of the firm and its categorization as an L7 vehicle.

The designer has explained why the PIX-L7 is designed in this manner. "I had the boomerang idea for a long time and decided to apply it to a small vehicle." Many body components, such as symmetrical bumpers and front and back windows, can be combined in this form. Furthermore, considering its urban use, the L7 category's speed and hence aerodynamics are unimportant."

A buggy or a van

The PIX-unique L7's form and symmetrical components would minimize the final cost while also allowing other pieces or extras to be fitted that would modify and improve its usefulness. This is an example of a cargo module in the back that allows it to be used as a tiny "last mile" delivery vehicle. Similarly, the "boomerang" concept might be scaled in several sizes and forms, including a tiny MPV or city van.

Of course, the most notable declension is that of the strange vehicle that has also imagined its Artem. The doors have been removed from this little buggy, and a tubular framework in a bright neon yellow hue has been installed as reinforcement and as a baggage rack to hold all types of supplies for playing outdoor activities. Special tires, a shovel support at the front, and an LED light bar on the roof round out the off-road look.

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