The British Air Force begins testing robots


The Academy of Robotics and the Royal Air Force (RAF) have announced a pilot deployment of autonomous vehicles at Bryze Norton Air Force Base near Oxford. It is part of the RAF Astra's next-generation air force capability campaign and is the first test that autonomous vehicles have been deployed at an airbase in the UK.

During the tests, the Kar-go Delivery Bot will have to deliver tools, equipment, and consumables to the base. The robot will operate semi-autonomously and autonomously under the supervision of a security team located in the mobile command post. The command post can control all aspects of vehicle operation. In particular, the remote control is provided, if necessary.

For security reasons, only trained and authorized personnel can move cargo around the airbase, and the use of autonomous vehicles will allegedly free up the time of skilled personnel to focus on their immediate tasks.

One of the features that the developers of the robot for the military had to face was the need to minimize the collection of data necessary for the vehicle to move safely. In conventional self-driving cars, the focus is on scanning the surrounding world and collecting data for learning to drive along certain routes. However, due to security restrictions, the Academy of Robotics specialists had to invent their own system. In addition, the development team solved some problems that arise only when moving around the airfield.

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