The Clubhouse social network is now available for everyone


The creators of the Clubhouse social network made it completely open: if earlier it was possible to join it only by invitation, then from today Clubhouse is available to everyone. The developers call it "Opening Day", the corresponding updates of proprietary applications for Android and iOS were released today.

Nevertheless, the creators of Clubhouse noted the importance of the invitation system: “The invitation system was an important part of our early history. By adding people in waves ... we were able to grow the Clubhouse in a measured way . "

Here are some statistics: the number of Clubhouse employees has grown from 10 to 58 people, and the number of daily rooms has increased from 50 thousand to half a million. Since the launch of the Android app in May, the social network has grown by 10 million users. The resounding success of Clubhouse has led to the emergence of various clones and increased competition, so the developers promise to update applications more often - once every one to two weeks. So new features in the Clubhouse will appear faster.

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