The company involved in Shenzhen said it had dismantled the one-to-one station camera

A recent Weibo blogger @bailu video exposed that a company in Shenzhen installed one-to-one cameras at each workstation, causing heated discussions among netizens. According to Nanfang Daily, the reporter found that the site was leased under a private name, and the company and decoration office was under preparation. At present, the office has not been settled in, and the one-to-one camera at the workstation has been removed.

The report said that the four partners of the preparatory party are preparing to open a company to engage in game research and development. At present, the company has not yet registered, has no specific name, and has not yet begun to recruit employees and conduct business.

One of the partners said that the original intention of installing cameras in the common areas of the office is to prevent the game from leaking before it is released, and the monitoring content will not be used for other purposes. If an employee is recruited, prior consent of the employee will be obtained. It also cost more than 20,000 yuan to install the surveillance camera, but it has been dismantled because some netizens have misunderstood it.

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