The construction of electric vehicle charging networks by traditional car companies has advanced

General Motors Co (GM) and tour operator Pilot are teaming up to develop a nationwide network of 2,000 electric vehicle charging stations to facilitate more vehicles, Reuters reported. Charging near the highway.

According to reports, the stations will be named "Pilot Flying J" and "Ultium Charge 360", powered by EVgo. GM said the plan is also part of the company's previously announced nearly $750 million investment in electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

It is understood that the President of the United States has previously stated that all states in the United States should prioritize and support the construction of charging stations along interstate highways to achieve the goal of installing electric vehicle charging facilities every 50 miles along the road. The president also said that by 2030, he wants 50 percent of all new cars sold to be electric or plug-in hybrids.

In this regard, the three traditional American automakers (General Motors, Ford, Stellantis) and Volkswagen, BMW, Honda, and other non-U.S. automakers have issued a joint statement to express their support for the plan, but Tesla was not invited. Musk said in an interview that he doesn't think the U.S. needs a government infrastructure bill and any government subsidies, nor does it need to fund electric vehicle charging stations.

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