The controversial Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches categories are heading to Twitch


The Twitch streaming platform has added a dedicated category Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches, where the controversial broadcasts of girls in swimsuits, who usually talk to them in an audience or play games, are concentrated.

This content has become controversial, mainly because it uses exceptions to the platform's nudity and clothing policy, which allows it to be broadcast in a swimsuit if it is contextually appropriate. This means, for example, on the beach, in a hot tub, or in an inflatable pool. On these streams, sexism or harassment often appears in the chat.

The category has, of course, already become the target of jokes, so in addition to women in swimsuits, you will easily find other content that parody hot tubs. An example is Friday's PC Player stream.

The move comes after Twitch demonstrated a number of the biggest hot tub streamers. In a blog post from Friday, the platform writes: We recently paused advertising on some channels reported by most of our advertiser base, but we didn't notify them. The creators are counting on us, and we should have alerted the streamers to this change before it happened. It was a mistake not to do so. That someone else is considered sexy is not against our rules, and Twitch will not take any action against women or anyone in our service because of their attractiveness.

Company said, no one deserves to be bothered by content that has chosen to stream as it looks or who it is. We will take action against anyone who practices such behavior on our platform.

According to Twitch, a separate category is only a temporary solution to the fact that this content has accumulated in the Just chatting category. This step separates him. The platform plans to update its policies in the coming months, so until then the category that is currently being monitored more than Hearthstone or PUBG is likely to remain.

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