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The cooperative shooter Ripout bet on the atmosphere and nice graphics

Four months ago, attracted cooperative first-person shooter Ripout to a tense horror atmosphere. It is now reminiscent of a minute and a half long gameplay trailer proving an interesting atmosphere and nice graphics. Doesn't it remind you a bit of Dead Space?

The video focuses on a special weapon named Pet Gun, which you will be able to remove mutated alien enemies. They can unite in menacing creatures. Fortunately, Pet Gun gives them a taste of their own poison, for example, by stealing items from their bodies so you can use them later.

The main goal of this cooperative shooter, which supports four players, is to find various resources and materials. But you don't have too much time for that. You have to hurry, otherwise, the enemies will defeat you. For this reason, missions will be short, usually ranging from ten to twenty minutes. You will explore countless abandoned ships in which the environment is procedurally generated.

Ripout is going to 2022 for PC.

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