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The Guinness Book of Records is extremely popular. For half a century, a special version dedicated to cars has been published, to which new record-breaking works are added every year. We have compiled a list of the most interesting ones for you.

The record book phenomenon can hardly be avoided. At the same time, Guinness was actually created by accident. After one autumn hunt, Guinness Brewery Director Sir Hugh Beaver could not agree with other hunters which of Europe's game birds is the fastest. Whether it's a golden plover (pictured) or a partridge. And it occurred to him that there was actually no publication that would give a reliable answer. Sir Beaver decided to rectify this, with the idea that such disputes were undoubtedly taking place in all the 80,000 inns in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

He found help from two students, the McWhirter brothers, who compiled the first Guinness Book of World Records and a number of areas of human activity. The Green Publication was published in August 1955 in a volume of only 1,000 copies, but the following year it was seventy times after entering the American market. And half a century ago, Guinness Superlatives Ltd. for the first time, also released a special version dedicated to cars, to which new records are added every year. Apart from all sorts of firsts from automotive history and various automotive superlatives, these are often very bizarre matters.

The longest car in the world: 30.5 m. The car dachshund was built in the late 1970s by the American Jay Ohrberg, the creator of a number of famous Hollywood movie cars. He even equipped his 30.5 m long limousine with 26 wheels with a swimming pool and a landing area for a helicopter. The car named The American Dream was used only for various parties, it was practically impossible to drive it.

The farthest shot arrow caught in the moving car: 57.5 m. The Austrian importer of Škoda cars initiated an unusual record, in which the Austrian Olympic archer Laurence Baldauff fired an arrow at the army airport in Zeltweg and Markus Haas standing in the Octavia RS 245 caught him with his bare hand. The arrow flew at a speed of about 215 km / h.

The fastest lawnmower in the world: 188.1 km / h. The Honda Mean Mower with a 109-liter liter engine entered the Guinness Book of Records in 2014, breaking the previous record by almost 48 km / h. In order to qualify for the record, the machine must not only be able to mow the grass but also really look like a lawnmower.

The largest logo of 1,600 cars: Toyota fans gathered in the Costa Rican city of Heredia in October 2017 to create a giant Japanese carmaker logo on an area of ​​31,888 square meters in nine hours.

The lowest car with a road traffic permit: 45.2 cm. In 2010, a team of Japanese students from the design school in Asakuchi built a badgeless than half a meter high, which was named Mirai (in Japanese, the future).

The hairiest car in the world. Italian hairdresser Maria Lucia Mugnová paid tribute to her profession with the Fiat 500, whose body and interior are covered with hair from women from India. It weighs a full 120 kg and the treatment took 150 hours. The transformation cost her 80,000 euros (approximately two million crowns) and Lucia sometimes has to take her car to the hairdresser's to wash, comb and varnish all her hair…

Highest by car: 6688 m above sea level Chilané Gonzalo Bravo and Eduardo Canales set off in 2007 with a modified Suzuki Samurai to the highest altitude at the foot of the Ojos Del Salado volcano. The highest altitude reached by the electric car is 5771 m above sea level and last year it reached Hyundai Kona Electric in Tibet.

Longest drift: 374.17 km. American instructor Matt Mullins demonstrated the longest drift with the BMW M5 in December 2017, spending eight hours on a water-sprinkled circuit in a controlled skid, covering 374.17 km. The car had to be refueled while driving, and so the record of two drifting cars, which together covered 79.26 km, was also broken.

The farthest golf shot caught by a moving car: 275 m. Professional golfer Jake Shepherd hit the ball nine years ago, which then flew at 286.46 km / h and landed after 275 meters in a Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster driven by former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard.

The tightest longitudinal parking: the current holder of this record since 2015 is the Brit Alastair Moffatt, with the Fiat 500C slipped into space only 7.5 cm larger than the car itself. He thus surpassed the seemingly unbeatable performance of the Chinese Chan Jüe, who needed 0.5 cm more with his Mini. In addition, Moffatt holds the record for parallel parking when driving backward, leaving only 34 cm between his car and vehicles in front and rear. In addition, he and his two brothers hold the record for the narrowest parallel parking of three cars, when the total clearance between them was only 60 cm.

Fastest car on earth: 1227,985 km / h. An absolute terrestrial speed record was set in the Nevada desert in October 1997 by the British special Thrust SSC driven by Andy Green. After four seconds, he was already driving at a speed of 160 km / h and overcame the limit of 1000 km / h after only 16 seconds. It was officially the first car to break the sound barrier.

The smallest production car: Between 1962 and 1965, a Peel tricycle with a 50 cc engine and a length of only 1340 mm produced on the Isle of Man was towed by one person.

The longest banana-shaped car: 6.97 m. In 2009, Steve Braithwaite from Michigan, USA, built an unusual banana car based on a Ford F-150 pick-up. The three-seater car is capable of driving at speeds of up to 137 km / h.

Fastest drive in a closed building: 165.1 km / h. In November 2020, racer Leh Keen flew with a Porsche Taycan Turbo S at record speed at a shopping center in New Orleans, USA.

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