The developers present the story of the game Returnal

After a long time, we saw another, fourth, podcast HouseCast about the game Returnal, which is being worked on by the Finnish studio Housemarque. This time, the developers focused on the story and the main heroine Selene.

Housemarque has already had successful titles such as Resogun and Alienation, but their games are popular mainly for their fun gameplay. It is with the arrival of Returnal that the Finnish developers want to change that, and it is clear from the first trailer that this time they take the story really seriously.

The main heroine Selene is an experienced astronaut whose task is to explore distant space. But one day, she intercepts a signal called White Shadow that takes her to the planet Atropos.

However, it is much more dangerous than she probably thought at first, because there are many strange creatures on the planet that are trying to kill her. But even death cannot escape the planet Atropos. Each time Selene dies, she reappears in her space module and travels to the surface of the planet, which gradually changes. In addition, shortly after the start of the game, we can allegedly find the body of one of the past (but as the developers say, possibly also future) versions of Selene, which left a message behind.

During the game, we will reveal the past of the main heroine, but also the secrets of an ancient alien civilization, which left behind not only news but also technology. As Selene soon realizes, without these conveniences, she will not survive long on the planet. But the developers warn that we should think twice before picking up something. These technologies can have both positive and negative effects.

Returnal is released on April 30 and is aimed exclusively at PlayStation 5.

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