The DGT app launches three new functionalities

The DGT app has accumulated more than 2.5 million downloads and now includes three new functionalities that are very useful for drivers.

It offers the possibility of having a digital driving license with full legal validity in the whole of Spain on the mobile phone and also carries out various procedures online. It is the DGT app that already accumulates, after more than a year in operation, close to three million downloads.

Let's remember that it was launched at a time when the Coronavirus pandemic paralyzed the country. At first, it allowed various administrative procedures to be carried out, such as having the vehicle's electronic datasheet, data consultation (ITV, insurance, environmental label, etc.), the balance of points, receiving notices, and alerts of interest.

MiDGT update

Throughout this time, it has incorporated more functionalities such as requesting vehicle reports, paying fees, verifying official documents, or sharing vehicle documentation.

In fact, as a result of the update carried out in November, more than 220,000 drivers have consulted a basic report of a vehicle and more than 8,000 have purchased and downloaded a complete report, something that is always recommended if you intend to buy a second-hand vehicle.

More than 13,000 fees have also been paid to carry out different administrative procedures and on more than 8,000 occasions a vehicle's documentation has been shared with another user of the application. According to the DGT, this functionality is one of the most used by users, since in the case of family vehicles it allows a driver to carry all the digital documentation of the vehicle when he is not the owner. For this, the owner and driver must be MiDGT users.

The DGT continues working on new functionalities and now three new functionalities are confirmed:

  • Driver identification: It is a procedure that is very useful since many times, for example when faced with a speeding ticket, it is necessary to identify the person who was driving the car at that time. If the penalty is not carried out, it falls on the owner of the vehicle and if the owner refuses to identify the driver, the fine can be up to 1,000 euros.

  • Regular driver: If the person driving the vehicle is not the owner, it is advisable to designate a regular driver to avoid problems with possible penalties. From the app, this possibility is already given.

  • Fines: Through MiDGT a possible sanction is reported, although the legal term too, for example, file an appeal or access a discount for prompt payment does not begin to count until the notification is received, which is only done in two ways. Either by post or through the so-called Electronic Road Address, DEV, for which it is necessary to register previously.

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