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The difference between original and fake Airpods Pro


Apple products are more often counterfeited than other products, so you should know the difference between the original and fake Airpods Pro. And I'm not talking here about companies that launch versions that look like AirPods Pro headphones and call them by any other name, such as Joyroom or others.

But there are some companies that imitate the original Apple headphones and claim that they are original headphones and may sell them for a price comparable to the original headphones.

So here are the main differences between the original and fake AirPods Pro.

Shop from a guaranteed place

The price of AirPods Pro headphones in official Apple stores and authorized stores may be higher than the rest of the stores. But there's no safer place to buy genuine Apple headphones than at Apple authorized stores and local supermarkets.

You can wait for some discounts from online stores or official stores, but you must make sure that the seller is certified by Apple. Nor should you be attracted to offers and big discounts that cause the price of an item to drop by more than half its usual price.

Where these offers are fake or offer counterfeit goods and you should try to avoid them as much as possible.

Experience is the best guide

Companies can imitate Apple headphones, but whatever the quality of this imitation, it will not approach the quality of the original headphones. You can feel this difference when you hold the headset in your hand or hear the sound produced by it. So you should try the headset as much as possible, and you can try to hold it in your hand and experience the sound produced by it.

The original AirPods Pro headphones can also easily connect to iPhones, as you will need nothing more than to open the speaker and turn it on next to your phone. If you do this and the speaker does not connect to your phone, then the speaker is fake and claiming to be AirPods Pro.

Apple provides an official site to check the condition of the headphones, whether they are original or fake, by searching for the serial number of the headset.

Steps to find the serial number

This method depends on owning the headphone case, and all you have to do next is find the serial number on the bottom of the case. You can also find the serial number of the headset by opening the charging case, where you find the serial number written inside it as follows.

Then go to the following site and write its serial number on this site.

The result of the page on this site should be similar to what you see in the image below, as this means that the headset is original and certified by Apple. You can confirm that the headset is original or fake by going to the settings menu of the phone connected to the headset, then information about the phone, searching for the headset, and clicking on it.

If all the information about the headset appears, such as the serial number and version of the headset, this means that the headset is original.


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