The easiest quantum mechanics in the world


In the 2019 movie Avengers: The Endgame, the decisive trigger for superheroes to overturn the unfavorable charter was due to a single mouse. In more detail, it is because the mouse accidentally pressed a button installed on a car with a quantum tunnel installed. This coincidence can be seen as a simple example of the unpredictable world of quantum mechanics.

However, in the quantum world, not only mice, but also cats, which are symbols of quantum mechanics, appear. The cat I've heard of at least once, even if I don't know quantum mechanics. It's Schrödinger's cat. What on earth does Schrödinger's cat have to do with quantum mechanics?

Newton discovers gravity, Nils Bohr, a Nobel Prize physicist who is called the father of quantum mechanics, Einstein of the theory of relativity, Erwin Schrödinger, an Austrian theoretical physicist famous for Schrödinger's cat, and Steve Hawking, a space physicist who died in 2018. There are books with many stories. It is'Quantum that introduces the theory of abbreviated physics as a cartoon. Quantum makes quantum mechanics and theory of relativity feel like the easiest in the world. It was also praised by world-renowned theoretical physicist Carlo Robelli and Nobel Prize winner Jacques Dubochet.

Reading this book reveals how the interpretation of quantum physics has changed. What is gravity, what is special relativity, what is general relativity, Schrödinger's famous thought experiment, double slit experiment, loss of nature, quantum entanglement, etc. Laurent Sheper, the author of the book, is a Swiss journalist. A passionate enthusiast of science, he began his career as a science popularization writer by writing and drawing the scenarios for this comic book. This book is the first comic book written by a former journalist who was fascinated by science and painted to popularize science.

Are there living and dead creatures in the book? Ask the question, to stimulate the curiosity of readers The nonsense creature that is alive and dead at the same time is Schrödinger's cat. This cat is famous because it is an experiment that shows that physicists' interpretation of quantum motion is something strange.

Along with Schrödinger's experiment, the double slit experiment, which contains the core of quantum mechanics, is also strange. Through this experiment, it was found that light has two properties, liquid (wave) and solid (particle), and that the two properties are changed freely depending on whether the observer observes or not.

The book also says that according to the quantum world, time, matter, and energy do not exist as we perceive them. Even the act of stepping on the ground and walking is actually deceived by our senses. We're actually levating because the billions of atoms that make up our body and the electrons that orbit around them push each other away. So you can fly in the sky or go through walls. At this point, we can become superheroes in Marvel.

If you read this book and realize that you don't know what you're talking about, you've understood quantum mechanics. This is because the physical laws disclosed so far and the world where the laws of daily life do not work, that is the world of both.

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