The end of the Skype era with the release of Windows 11


Microsoft has officially announced the Windows 11 operating system, which is expected to replace the current version within the next few years. Among all the new features in Windows 11, there are notable changes coming to Windows 11:

  • The Microsoft Teams video calling application is integrated into Windows 11 by default.

  • Skype won't come by default in Windows 11, which indicates that Microsoft Teams is the company's new favorite app.

And this could be the beginning of the end for Skype, which was once the first choice when you need to make video calls.

Microsoft bought Skype 10 years ago for $8.5 billion, the company's largest acquisition at the time. And there were many questions about Microsoft having paid too much for this acquisition. But Microsoft has been buying a successful app that has been downloaded about a billion times and has hundreds of millions of users.

The company's CEO at the time predicted that the acquisition of Skype would help the company create the future of real-time communications. The company included the application in every Windows computer and the number of users was growing strongly.

But after a few years, users started complaining about poor performance and design options. At the same time, chat applications such as WhatsApp and Messenger had begun to spread with the introduction of the video calling feature. This feature is considered one of the main attractions of the Skype application which was one of the most prominent features that the application excelled in.

To compete with these emerging applications, Microsoft began building an application to confront competitors early with users abandoning Skype. It officially launched the Microsoft Teams app in 2017. She explained that Microsoft Teams is the company's new era voice and video chat strategy.

The new app has used Skype technology for a while. It is designed to compete with the Slack business application.

With the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, many video calling applications quickly climbed to the top with many people heading to work from home, especially the Zoom application, which has become an attractive option for communication for many users. And Microsoft Teams was one of the few competitors willing to take on it as Microsoft moved toward a consumer version.

The surge in the use of Microsoft Teams in the past year cemented Skype's status as the company's legacy technology. With the sudden success, it was inevitable for Microsoft to ignore Skype and start focusing more on Microsoft Teams. That focus crystallized with the company confirming that Microsoft Teams is the default app in Windows 11 rather than Skype.

Removing Skype as a pre-installed app cements Microsoft Teams as the preferred solution from the company's perspective and is the company's future app.

How does Microsoft deal with Skype?

Although Skype has seen significant growth during the pandemic with 70 percent usage, about 40 million people a day. And but nevertheless, this is still a small growth compared to competitors.

And although no Skype is installed by default in Windows 11, Microsoft will not give it up completely. And the application is still available in the Microsoft store for users who do not still want to use it in Windows 11.

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