The European Space Agency selects a new batch of pioneers

The European Space Agency announced the opening of the registration door to form a new batch of astronauts to join its ranks, and a statement issued by the agency said, those wishing to apply to join the ranks of astronauts at the agency will be able to send their applications through the agency’s official website on the Internet as of today. From next May 28.

According to the statement, the applicant must fulfil several basic conditions for accepting his application, including that he possesses a nationality belonging to a country that is a member of the agency, and that he possesses a certain degree of education as a minimum, a master's degree in science, medicine, mathematics, or engineering holder.

In addition to all of the above, the candidate to join the ranks of the pioneers of the agency must be fluent in the English language and preferably know another foreign language, and according to the agency, the teaching of the Russian language will be part of the training program for the pioneers.

Among the other conditions for accepting applications is that the applicant must not be over 50 years old and that he must obtain a health certificate similar to the one obtained by pilots when they are accepted for the first time.

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