The expected major update of Minecraft is divided into two parts


At Mojang Studio, the major update to Caves & Cliffs for Minecraft has grown to such an extent that developers are forced to split the new content into two parts to achieve the desired quality. The first part will be released in the summer and the second at the end of the year.

He called the Mojang update the most ambitious update for Minecraft and said that there are significant technical challenges that affect the generation of the world and affect all the caves and mountains in the game. If left unchecked, the issue could be confusing in all player worlds. This is because the update is to change the caves in Minecraft and bring various new types, underground lakes, and waterfalls.

The authors also mentioned a new archaeological system. This will allow you to discover buried ruins that you can explore and find interesting artifacts. Above the ground, the cliffs will be reworked to look like real mountains.

The first part will bring, among other things, new animals (goats, axolotls), other blocks (amethyst, calcite, copper), and plants (azalea leaves, pollinating flowers, mimosas, mosses). Along with them a lot of things, including pots, candles, binoculars, goat horns, or glowing berries.

Players will have to wait until the end of this year for archeology.

Mojang said, it was not an easy decision, we are disappointed that some exciting options will come later.

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