The FBI is cooperating with a hacking site to help users know if they have been hacked

Have I Been Pwned (HIPB) is a website that allows users to check whether or not their email ID or phone number has been compromised by any data breaches, but a recent report revealed that the site He has partnered with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) which will give them access to a larger database of leaked passwords based on ongoing investigations.

In an official post, Troy Hunt, the website's creator, stated that the FBI approached him and asked, what would it look like to provide them with a way to enter the hacked passwords into HIBP and display them via the Pwned Passwords feature.

Hunt further stated that entering these passwords into HIBP gives the FBI the opportunity to do it nearly a billion times each month. It's good to leverage, Brian A. Forendran, assistant director of the FBI's Internet division, confirmed to the partnership, saying: We are excited to partner with HIBP on this important project to protect victims of online credential theft. It is another example of how critical public-private partnerships are in the fight against cybercrime.

However, Hunt stated that as of now there is no way to enter passwords into the database yet, apart from this, HIBP will become open source, as Hunt announced about a year ago that he wanted to make HIBP an open-source system to ensure the sustainability of the site, and HIBP is officially Now an open-source project of the non-profit organization Net Foundation.

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