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The feature that helps you protect all your posts on Facebook


The American social networking site Facebook launched on Monday, a new feature for its users around the world regarding the protection of all their posts on its platform. The feature allows Facebook users to archive their posts and notes, and transfer them a copy of that data to the Google document editor (Google Docs), Word Press, and Blogger sites. The feature is an extension of a tool issued by the company Facebook, last year, which allows users to transfer their photos from its platform to Google Photos.

With this feature, Facebook users have the option to keep a copy of the content linked to their accounts. To take advantage of this new tool, you must first open the settings in the account and then click on Your Facebook Information, then choose to Transfer a Copy of Your Information, after which the user has the option to choose the destination to which he wants to transfer the data, whether it is (Google Docs or Word Press and Blogger), then click on the Transfer button.

The new feature is part of the Data Transfer Project, an initiative to share data across companies that were launched in 2018, with the aim of allowing the user to seamlessly transfer data across various services and platforms over the Internet, and other companies are participating in that project, such as Apple and Google. And Microsoft and Twitter, as they provide tools for exporting data similar to those found in Facebook.

The feature is suitable for users who want to share specific posts or notes that they have created via Facebook, but it must be noted that the transferred data will not lead to archiving comments received from other users, as Facebook is considered as belonging to a separate account.

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