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The film adaptation of the book Metro 2033 was postponed to 2024


The book trilogy Metro 2033 by Russian writer Dmitry Glukhovsky does not have an easy time with its film adaptation. The first attempt to make a film from this world was announced in 2016. However, the then screenwriter FS Fraizer, who wanted to move the plot to the US capital, did not mentally encounter the author of the books himself, and the project was canceled for good, thank God.

In the second half of 2019, new hope shone. Glukhovsky on his profile instagramovém announced that the film adaptation of Metro 2033 eventually will exist. This time, the preparations were undertaken by the Russian company Gazpron Media, after whose leadership the Russian remake of Chernobyl was created. The Instagram post stated that the Russian premiere would take place on January 1, 2022. However, no further information has appeared since then, so it was not really certain whether the film adaptation of Metro would actually be released on that date.

Glukhovsky has now refuted the fan's doubts on his Instagram profile again. In his post, the writer stated that Russian director Yegor Baranov (Egor Baranov), the creator of the genre films Avanpost and Gogol, is working on the film. Probably the best news is that Glukhovsky himself creates the script. The film could therefore strictly adhere to the book and not deviate from the original idea. Unfortunately, the premiere date will be postponed to January 2024.

The first volume of the Metro 2033 book series was published in Russia in 2005 and immediately became a successful bestseller. The book tells the story of Artyom, a young man from a foster family who lives in the intricate labyrinth of the Moscow metro, where the rest of the capital's inhabitants took refuge after the nuclear war.

Individual human communities live in subway shafts, where, whatever the station, that special community, a kind of micro-state with all its virtues and scandals that we know from everyday life on the earth's surface. Artom lives on one of the safest stations. One day, however, the station begins to be threatened by dark power. Due to certain circumstances, the main character goes on a pilgrimage on the Moscow metro to atone for his guilt and save all the inhabitants.

Over time, the novel Metro 2033 received two more literary works entitled Metro 2034 and Metro 2035. The FPS video game series from the Ukrainian studio 4A Games was also created on the basis of books, the success of which made the author's work famous all over the world.

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