The first browser for Android with the translation of text in images appeared


The Yandex team announced a landmark update for the mobile Yandex Browser. As the press service notes, Yandex Browser became the first browser for Android with text translation on images.

Previously, the translation of the text on images was offered by Yandex in the computer version of the browser. At one time, Yandex Browser also became the first browser for computers that learned how to translate text into images.

Now automatic image translation also works in Yandex and Yandex Browser applications for Android. In the iOS version, the developers plan to implement similar features by the end of the year.

When translating a page in Yandex Browser, it is proposed to translate not only text, but images as well. The user can agree to automatic translation or manage it manually using the context menu or the button in the address bar. Images are sent to Yandex servers for recognition and translation, after which they are returned back, but with the text in the required language.

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