The first unmanned bus capable of carrying 40 people


Kelekona recently revealed plans for a giant electric vehicle (eVTOL) to transport people between cities, with the first route identified to Manhattan and the Hamptons. It only costs travelers $85, which is the same price as a train ticket.

The company is looking forward to 2024 for its first passenger flights and plans to expand in various regions shortly after that from London to Paris and Los Angeles to San Francisco.

It never made sense for us to create a small plane that could only carry up to six people, founder Braeden Kelekona told Digital Trends.

You have to have the kind of mass transportation that we rely on here in the city. It makes sense to try to get as many people as possible on one plane, so we don't take advantage of the airspace.

Also, after the Kelekona New York Route is up and running, the company plans to add other routes including Boston to New York; New York to Washington, DC; From Los Angeles to San Francisco.

The unmanned bus, which resembles a combination of a flying saucer and a balloon, is designed with eight thrust-oriented propellers with movable propellers to perform all phases of flight: vertical take-off, forward flight, and landing.

Also, to achieve one-hour one-way flights, Kelekona is developing an interchangeable battery method similar to what Tesla uses in its Model S and Model 3 cars. By using interchangeable batteries, the drone bus can reduce response time when flying. between hubs, thus eliminating the need for recharging.

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