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The full version of the game Ender Lilies is released


India's game Ender Lilies: Quietus of Knights from the Live Wire and Adglobe studios has been available as part of a preliminary approach since January, where it has already managed to gather extremely positive responses, which we are honestly not surprised at all, as just a demonstration is enough to make it man enchanted.

Anyway, if this project has run through your fingers so far, it is a 2D dark fantasy platformer, driven forward by an interesting story, following the fate of a young girl Lily, who is awakened by a ghost who reveals that she is the White Princess who must liberate the gloomy world.

Among other things, it will do this with the help of not very simple fights, where various bosses have not been forgotten.

A full version of the game for PC and Nintendo Switch will be released today, so those interested will be able to immerse themselves in the complete work and soak up the local rot in full sips.

You can buy the title on Steam (approximately CZK 650) or the Nintendo eShop (currently at a discount of CZK 562.5).

You can see the new sample in the preview.

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