The game Angry Birds 2 will soon add a new character called Melody

Angry Birds 2 will soon appear with a new game character named Melody. Players can unlock this new character by collecting feathers from today until December 4th. Game developer Rovio says,

This singing bird comes from a musical family and has shown a talent for singing since childhood. As a result, Melody loves all forms of music. She dances to the latest hits and sings a classical tunes.
Despite being an Angry Bird, she's actually very easygoing, but when provoked she uses her powerful voice to express herself musically to devastating effect!

Melody's special skill is to inhale any object and then eject it at high speed. Items Melody inhales can be launched in any direction, as the player can aim the projectile in the direction of their choice.

Rovio said,

How use Melody's skills will be the key to winning. In other words, if the piglets think they can grab the egg and get away with it, Melody will fuck them.
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