The Germans turned the Russian "Niva" into an electric car with a power reserve of 300 km


The German company Schmid GmbH has modified the Russian SUV with its new Elantrie kit. As a result, the Russian "Niva" of the Legend model has turned into a modern European electric car.

Officially, Lada Niva Legend has not been imported into Europe for two years due to non-compliance with environmental standards.

The cost of a separate Elantrie kit was not disclosed, but the entire Lada Niva Elentrie is offered for 19,990 euros (1,728,860 rubles).

For this money, the buyer gets a car with a 65 kW (88 hp) electric motor and 30 kWh batteries, providing a range of 300 kilometers. The luggage compartment is equipped with a standard 220-volt socket, which allows you to connect various gadgets, for example, to boil a kettle in nature.

The company promises Lada Niva Elentrie customers to save about 2,000 euros per year on fuel. The calculations are as follows:

Lada with an internal combustion engine consumes about 15 liters of gasoline per 100 km. With an average mileage of 40 km per day, this is approximately 14,600 km per year. The consumption is therefore 2,190 liters of petrol x 1.45 euros = 3,175.50 euros. Even if we do not take electricity from our own photovoltaic system, but take into account the current prices of 0.30 euros / kW, then Niva Elentrie consumes about 1174.50 euros.

As conceived by the manufacturer, the Elantrie kit allows you to turn any ordinary car into an electric one. Previously, Schmid GmbH tested the Elantrie in a Volkswagen Golf III of the 90s of the last century. At the moment, with the installed Elantrie kit, two production cars are offered - Lada Niva Elentrie and Dacia (aka Renault) Sandero.

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