The head of the Microsoft Xbox department considers succession plans

Microsoft's Xbox department head Phil Spencer (Phil Spencer) expressed his views on the future of the Xbox department and revealed that he is considering a successor plan.

Phil Spencer has joined Microsoft for more than 30 years. Since 2017, he has served as Executive Vice President of Microsoft Games.

When talking about successors, Spencer said: "When you consider the long-term good development of the team, you should do this to ensure that the team is in a favorable position and the company maintains a good culture. We are making decisions about who the successor is. Decide."

In addition, Spencer also discussed how his team views the future of the gaming department and said that they like to use "Horizon" as the target node. For example, the "Horizon One" project is what is happening today. "Horizon 2" is a project that takes place in one or three years, while "Horizon 3" is an important project that may not happen in five or even ten years.

Spencer said that "Horizon 3" may be a bet that may not work, but it is important to have a team dedicated to ensuring innovation and thriving in the future. It is very dangerous not to take risks. The team must plant the seeds of the goal. This is not only to accomplish the goal, but also to stimulate the team's innovation.

The report also pointed out that Microsoft’s long-term strategy has many, such as Xbox adaptive controllers and other devices, and its auxiliary functions bring a better gaming experience for disabled players.

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