"The Hidden Corner" is on Steam, adapted from the series of the same name

"The Hidden Corner" is now available on Steam, and the release time has not been announced yet. This work is adapted from the Chinese suspense drama "The Hidden Corner". The game integrates exploration, puzzle solving, and reasoning into the original storyline, bringing a more immersive and unique experience.

About the game

In this work, you will play Zhu Chaoyang, the protagonist of the original play, who will experience a nightmare that is unimaginable for ordinary junior high school students and face the fear in their hearts. Deteriorated family, false friendship, greedy and selfish humanity, the game shows the cold cruelty of the adult world from the perspective of a child. As the protagonist, Zhu Chaoyang, can he still maintain his innocence and kindness after being soaked in darkness? The ending of everything will be revealed by your own hands.

The game contains various types of gameplay, including props puzzle solving, exploration and investigation, logical reasoning, and interactive performances, dedicated to bringing you a diverse gaming experience. The game contains rich exploration elements. In a world built in 3D, look for scattered clues to piece together a terrifying hidden story.

The gameplay is closely integrated with the original plot. You will play the protagonist Zhu Chaoyang, investigate the layers of mysteries that have happened to you, unearth the truth of the story, and face the ultimate confrontation with the murderous demon. Through innovative plots, exquisite game scenes, and diverse interactive methods, you will gain an unparalleled audio-visual feast in the game.

The game supports Chinese voice, and the minimum configuration requirement is GTX 570.

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