The inaugural meeting of the World Internet Conference was held today

On July 12, the inaugural meeting of the World Internet Conference was held in Beijing. The World Internet Conference International Organization is headquartered in Beijing, China. Its purpose is to build a global Internet platform for consultation, construction, and sharing, to promote the international community to comply with the trend of digitalization, networking, and intelligence, to jointly meet security challenges, seek common development and well-being, and to work together to build a cyberspace community of destiny.

The organization of the World Internet Conference includes the General Assembly, the Council, the Secretariat, the High-level Advisory Committee, and the Professional Committee. Members come from international organizations, leading companies in the global Internet field, authoritative institutions, industry organizations, and top experts and scholars. The World Internet Conference will build a platform for in-depth exchanges and cooperation for members, and provide services and support for members in their own development, ability improvement, and exhibitions. The World Internet Conference (Wuzhen Summit) will be transformed into an annual meeting of international organizations, and regional and thematic forums or seminars will also be held.

In line with the development of the digital age and in response to the expectations of all parties in the world, the World Internet Conference International Organization will undertake a new historical mission.

First, in terms of enhancing consensus on ideas, focusing on new challenges and new problems in the current cyberspace, adhering to openness and inclusiveness, and better promoting the international community to resolve differences and build consensus.

Second, in terms of the development of the digital economy, we should give full play to the role of the digital economy in promoting economic and social development, and becoming an important source of power for global digital transformation and digital empowerment.

The third is to strengthen the collaborative innovation of the international community in terms of digital technology innovation, cultivate more innovation achievements, and promote the progress of human science and technology.

Fourth, in terms of cultural exchanges, promote cooperation in online media, strengthen the construction of online culture, promote mutual learning of civilizations, improve the digital literacy of the public, and promote the healthy development of the online cultural industry.

Fifth, in the formulation of rules, continue to promote the process of global Internet governance and promote discussions and exchanges on governance rules and technical standards among global member companies, research institutions, and universities.

Sixth, in terms of dialogue and cooperation, better build a communication and cooperation platform for governments, international organizations, multinational enterprises, and technical communities.

CCTV reported that hundreds of institutions, organizations, enterprises, and individuals in the Internet field from nearly 20 countries on 6 continents have joined and become the initial members of the World Internet Conference. These include world-renowned Internet leaders, authoritative industry organizations, and Internet Hall of Fame inductees.

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