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The meaning of I/O: How Google's annual event got its name

Google's annual event, I/O, has become a highly anticipated gathering for developers and technology enthusiasts worldwide. As the event celebrates its fifteenth anniversary in 2023, it's worth exploring the origins of the name "I/O" and the significance it holds. Beyond the commonly cited explanations of "input/output" and "innovation in the open," the name carries a deeper story that traces back to Google's early developer conferences and the company's affinity for hidden meanings and puzzles.

The Birth of Google Developer Day and the Need for Expansion

In May 2006, Google organized its first-ever developer conference, Geo Developer Day, which revolved around the Google Maps API. With just 100 attendees, the event was held at the Googleplex on Google's Mountain View campus. However, as Google's suite of developer tools expanded rapidly, the company realized the need for a larger event to accommodate its growing developer community.

The Transition to I/O

In 2007, the developer conference, initially known as Google Developer Day, moved to the San Jose Convention Center, where it attracted 1,000 developers. The overwhelming response prompted the organizers to contemplate a grander event for the following year. In 2008, the conference relocated to the Moscone Center West in San Francisco and officially adopted the name "I/O."

The Significance of "I/O"

The name "I/O" has roots in the concept of a "googol," a number represented by a one followed by 100 zeroes, which inspired the name of Google itself. The creators of the event took the first digit of the googol, "1," and the digit representing zero, "0," to form the name "I/O." This simple representation captures the essence of Google's mission to provide access to vast amounts of information.

The Multiple Meanings of I/O

As the organizers brainstormed ideas for the name, they considered the numerical significance as well as the possible interpretations of "I" and "O." The initials "I/O" were associated with two main explanations: "input / output" and "innovation in the open." The former reflects the computational concept of interfacing between a computer system and the external world, aligning with the event's purpose of showcasing Google's behind-the-scenes developments. The latter interpretation encompasses the spirit of I/O as a platform to highlight cutting-edge AI research, breakthrough accessibility features, and innovative products.

The Intrigue of Hidden Meanings

Google has a longstanding tradition of incorporating Easter eggs and hidden meanings into its products and events. The creators of I/O intentionally designed the name to be a puzzle for the developer community to unravel. This element of intrigue and discovery was woven into the fabric of Google I/O, symbolizing the company's commitment to fostering curiosity and exploration.

I/O: Beyond a Developer Conference

Over the years, I/O has evolved from a developer-focused conference into a representation of Google's multifaceted endeavors and its desire to share them with the world. As the event kicks off with the Google Keynote, the excitement and anticipation among Googlers and attendees embody the essence of I/O. It has become a platform where Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, unveils groundbreaking initiatives and sets the stage for the future of technology.

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