The modern KrAZ-260 pickup truck is cheaper than 1 million rubles


Details appeared on the Web about how a modern KrAZ-260 pickup truck might look like. This car, in theory, had a chance to compete with the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz at a lower price.

The independent designer of the KrAZ-260 believes that the vehicle used for the transportation of goods should have a modern sporty style. The dimensions of the car are not specified, but the two-door cab indicates that it is definitely not gigantic. There are only two chairs installed inside.

The car received large fenders, which are protected by plastic covers, also installed around the perimeter of the car and on the doors. KrAZ-260 is equipped with LED headlights and daytime running lights. There is also a small radiator grille and the KrAZ corporate logo at the front.

The designer believes that such a car would help bring KrAZ out of a difficult situation. In recent years, the company has found itself on the verge of ruin and needs to change something, but it is unlikely that such a machine from an independent designer will be put into production.

The source suggests that if KrAZ borrowed the CMF-B platform and the engines used in the popular Duster model from Renault, the price for the new pickup could be set below 1 million rubles.

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