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The most desired Suzuki Jimny comes from Japan and is this one from Liberty Walk


The new Suzuki Jimny was put on sale in September 2018 in markets such as Spanish and since its launch, it had unquestioned commercial success, although a problem arose that forced its premature withdrawal from the market.

Indeed the Jimny was another victim of the strict limits of contamination imposed by the European Union on the manufacturers of automobiles.

Suzuki Jimny, a successful 4x4

This lack of available units led to an increase in its price in the second-hand market. And it is that at the time of its launch, the Jimny had a starting price of 17,000 euros but with this situation, it is already around 27,000, that is, it has increased its value by up to 10,000, which is 59% more.

The truth is that much of its overwhelming success is due to the authentic all-terrain aesthetic that has won it many followers. In Japan, it is also quite successful and specialists in vehicle customization such as Liberty Walk have not missed the occasion.

The preparer has presented a body kit for the Jimny, which adopts a more sporty aesthetic, but without losing an iota of its genuine spirit. The most important modifications are to the front, which includes different headlights, as well as a redesigned grille and a bumper with a horizontal, LED daytime running light strip.

The bonnet also includes a socket that, in addition to having an aesthetic function, improves engine cooling.

In the side view of this Suzuki Jimny from Liberty Walk, one of the most significant modifications can be seen, since the exhaust system ends on the left side, with a pair of stainless steel silencers, as if it were a Mercedes G 63. The wider wheel arches and sills also stand out, as well as a wind deflector on the side windows. The entire exterior is finished in gloss black paint.

For the rims, there are different possibilities in a gloss black or matt gray finish, in both cases with Yokohama tires.

Inside, there is a black leather upholstery that covers the seats, as well as personalized floor mats.

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