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The most important features of the new Mac Monterey system from Apple


Apple Mac users are waiting for the new update to the system under the name Monterey, and the company announced it at the WWDC 21 recently, and it comes with a set of new features for their devices, including:

Control more than one device together

When Apple launched SideCar with the Catalina update in 2019, many users were thrilled. This feature helped them make the iPad a secondary screen for their MacBooks. Therefore, Apple integrates iPads with Mac systems better through the Universal Control feature. That's because this feature allows you to control more than one device together through a single terminal.

This means that you can control your iPad with your MacBook laptop with a single mouse or through the computer's touchpad. It also allows you to transfer files between these devices with a simple step, which is to drag the file from the device on which it was located to the device you want to transfer it to. This feature increases the productivity of the user who owns more than one Apple device.

Screencast feature to Mac computer

This feature helps you to stream content from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac computer screen. This feature works efficiently as long as both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. You can also share your iPhone or iPad screen with your Mac, which saves you time in transferring and viewing photos between devices.

New Safari interface design

All Mac users know the importance of Safari because it is the official browser for Mac. But the application interface remained the same for a long time, so Apple decided to develop the interface and present a new version of it. The browser introduces a new design for the pages you open in it, like the latest Firefox design. Offers a new feature to group similar pages together, as all competitors provided this feature before Apple. You can control and manage Pages across all your Apple devices, which means that what you do on your iPhone is shared on your MacBook.

Apple introduced this feature in recent years for iPhone and iPad devices, but it will arrive on Mac devices by the end of this year. Mac Shortcuts is one of the alternatives to the popular automation app on the system.

You can set these shortcuts to perform a specific function previously, and you can download some shortcuts developed by users. This feature works on Mac computers as it does on iPhones and iPad. Everyone expects Apple to release more new features and features in the system, but without announcing them in advance. This is similar to what happened with the iPhone system, from which developers discovered in beta versions more features.

The new Mac system is supposed to be released next September.


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