The most important programming languages ​​worth studying in 2021


Programming is one of the most important fields of work ever. The field of programming is one of the professional fields that achieve continuous growth, in addition to the fact that the programmer’s job is always in demand, which is why today we are talking about the most important programming languages ​​for the year 2021.

Nowadays anyone can learn to code, given the plethora of free resources. The programmer's job is one of those with high salaries and privileged social status.

And the interest in programming and its languages ​​is growing as everything has become digital. Software contributes to running many operations that surround us every day, and this area can be described as the field of the future, and it is worth investing in learning it.

Choosing the right programming language is difficult since programming languages ​​differ in their functionality. Perhaps the most important criterion in determining the appropriate programming language for learning and study in the field of software in which a person is targeted.

Programming languages ​​differ according to the final product that can be accessed through them. There are programming languages ​​dedicated to developing websites, others dedicated to developing Windows applications, others dedicated to Android applications, and more.

JavaScript language: JavaScript is one of the most important programming languages ​​in the world, and it is the most widely used language. It can be used to develop web applications compatible with all browsers. Huge sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Google use this language, and this language has its uses in developing smartphone applications and developing games.

One of the most prominent programming languages is Python: Python is a popular and contemporary programming language that is popular because it offers different software libraries and tools that a developer can rely on and increase productivity.

The language also has a special ability to process data, especially when it comes in large quantities. They are used in data science and artificial intelligence, along with traditional uses such as the development of back-end systems and applications.

Go language: It is an easy and distinctive programming language developed by Google, and this language is characterized by ease of learning and is used in machine learning techniques, application programming, and networks, and it is recommended to learn it as a side programming language next to one of the previous languages.

Java language: One of the oldest and most ancient programming languages. Despite the introduction of the Java language, it is still in great demand even in 2021 and ranks second as the most popular programming language. Java is used in Android applications, Windows applications and desktop applications in general, and more.

JavaScript and Python can easily replace Java, but learning it is still essential due to the need to apply some techniques.

Kotlin language: Kotlin programming language is the primary programming language in the development of Android applications, and here lies its importance, as it derives from the importance of the Android system and its spread.

The use of Kotlin has increased dramatically in previous years, especially for its uses in cloud storage technologies and data science, and although it is the primary language of the Android system, the applications of the latter are still programmable using Java and others.

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