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The most peculiar BMW M2 has three turbos and a diesel engine


The BMW M2 is one, or rather was, of the most desired sports compacts on the market as many saw in it a successor to the great 1 M Coupé. Its contained proportions, the rear-wheel-drive, the manual transmission, and its six-cylinder in-line engine form an ideal recipe that every lover of four wheels knows how to appreciate and that they would not dare to modify unless your name is Gary Martins and you have worked for the German brand itself as a highly qualified technician.

With a diesel engine under the hood

This mechanical enthusiast has really surprised us as he presents his latest work which he calls the BMW M2 50d, giving us a clue as to where the shots go and that is that what initially started with a fairly simple 2 Series Coupé, has ended transforming into a beast that does not stop expelling black smoke through the exhaust pipe. This is because the original engine has been replaced by a whole block from an M Performance diesel SUV, specifically the previous generation X5 M50d.

We are talking about a six-cylinder in-line diesel mechanic that receives the help of no less than three turbochargers to develop 381 hp and a maximum torque of 740 Nm, respectable figures have given the dimensions of this vitaminized Series 2. But of course, not happy with them, the owner of Grease Monkey Motors has decided to install a nitrous oxide kit and a water and methanol injection system, which results in a forceful 580 horsepower and a wild 1,070 Nm! The rear axle is still in charge of digesting all this energy, although yes, with the help of a transmission inherited from a BMW 330d.

In the image and likeness of the M2

Aesthetically, this car looks like an M2 and that is because it inherits its front and rear bumpers from the sports compact, while the wheel arches had to be widened to accommodate large wheels. The rear spoiler comes from the M Performance catalog and the bonnet has been made of carbon fiber, like the boot lid, with a quadruple exhaust line that mimics that of the aforementioned M2 and front brakes inherited from an entire BMW M5 ( F10) -the rear ones come from the M4-.

Likewise, the M2 50d has the differential of the 330d and a transmission shaft from the M135i. With regard to the interior, some seats inherited from the BMW M3 and a roll cage that replaces the rear bench stand out. In short, a mechanical monster that can be used both on public roads and on the circuits, whose debut in the world of competition will take place at the beginning of September at the eleventh edition of the Simola Hillclimb in Knysna, South Africa.

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