The most prominent differences between the Internet protocols HTTP and HTTPS?

HTTPS protocol supports secure and encrypted communications between the browser and the sites visited by the user, while standard HTTP connections send data over the Internet in clear, unprotected text, allowing any hacker to intercept and display the data. Here are the main differences between them as follows:


HyperText Transfer Protocol, which is an abbreviation of the term HyperText Transfer Protocol, is the system for transferring Internet data over the web, and it is the main and most widespread way to transfer data on the Web "www".


It is the HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, and it performs the same data transfer process as in HTTP, but it is fully encrypted and secure. Instead of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP, the website uses the HTTPS protocol to achieve the security aspect more and more assured.

Also, through HTTPS, computers agree on a code or code between them and then transmit messages using that code so that no one between them can read it, and this keeps your information safe from hackers, and the code is used on a layer Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), sometimes called Transport Security Layer (TLS), to send information back and forth.

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