The most prominent expected differences between the iPhone 12 Mini and the expected iPhone 13 Mini

The iPhone 12 Mini was a dream come true for lovers of small phones, and finally, a modern flagship phone that you can comfortably use with one hand, but it seems that these small phone lovers were in the minority, as the Mini was sold in much smaller numbers than iPhone models other.

However, Apple is sticking with it in 2021 and will launch a successor to it: the iPhone 13 Mini. The iPhone 13 Mini is expected to offer improvements on some key weaknesses, with a slightly larger battery, but it doesn't change the overall formula.

It has the same 5.4-inch screen size and the same general design and doesn't add much in terms of cameras, and it may also be Apple's latest Mini version, as early rumors suggest that Apple will abandon the idea of ​​the Mini in 2022, so it may be the last chance. For lovers of small phones to show their appreciation.

iPhone 13 Mini vs iPhone 12 Mini in a nutshell

  • Almost identical design and style, a newer phone that is slightly thicker and heavier.

  • 5.4-inch screen, 60 Hz on both.

  • The iPhone 13 mini will have a faster processor Apple A15 versus the old Apple A14

  • But the same 4 GB random access memory.

  • Almost identical cameras (wide and extra-wide).

  • Slight improvement in battery size: 2,406 mAh in the iPhone 13 Mini compared to 2,227 mAh in the iPhone 12 Mini.

  • TouchID fingerprint scanner on iPhone 13 Mini (unconfirmed).

Price and release date

Announcing mid-September and launching in stores in late September.


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