The new Alfa Romeos will be fully electric in a few years


After the publication of its latest financial report, the Stellantis concern held a press conference, where it spoke about the future of a number of its brands. As usual, the future lies in electrification. And now we can definitely say that a number of Stellantis brands will completely abandon internal combustion engines in the foreseeable future.

Lancia will be 100% electrified by 2024, although this is not difficult given that there is now only one Ypsilon model in the company's range. From the same 2024, the premium brand DS will offer exclusively electric vehicles.

The most interesting thing is with Alfa Romeo. Despite the essence of the brand, the same fate awaits it, although in this case, the terms will be longer. According to the group's plans, all Alfa Romeo vehicles will be fully electric in 2027, but not in all markets. This will affect North America, China, and enlarged Europe (the European Union plus a number of countries that have signed the association).

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