The new Chinese-style suspense-solving work "Paper Wedding Dress 4 Red Silk Wrap" will be released

The new Chinese suspense plot puzzle "Paper Wedding Dress 4 Red Silk Wrap" has been officially announced. This work will be launched at 10:00 on July 29, 2022, and is currently available on Android/iOS platforms Open the reservation, and the heartbeat game agency publishes. In addition, the official today also released the final trailer for the game.

This work is a Chinese-style suspense plot puzzle game, which is the fifth work of the "Paper Wedding Dress" series, but this time the story will no longer have a lot to do with the grievances and grievances of the people in Zangling Village.

The official said that this film, intends to return to the basics, try a more traditional direction, and restore the feeling of old-fashioned classic folk movies.

what is love?

It is to search and search, never regret it, turn a thousand times a thousand times

It is life after life inseparable, and the butterflies follow each other

It is a ray of fragrance that never ends, every inch of thought is gray

It's the red silk that is entwined, the old dream is finally

The red silk is entwined, and the love words are incomprehensible. Is the person in front of you still the person from that time?

Can I still trust you?

Welcome back to the world of paper wedding dresses, this time, let's uncover the secrets of Yichang Town together...

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