The new demo offers a view of the soulsborne title Thymesia in Motion

In March, it was announced that the developers from OverBorder Studio had teamed up with Team17 to jointly deliver Thymesia.

If you missed what the game was about at the time, know that it is a soul-borne-type project in which Corvus will play a major role, trying to cleanse the local kingdom of ugly monsters.

The new example (in the preview) then presents shots directly from the game, where we are shown the dark world itself, which once flourished with the help of alchemy, but is now tainted by a dangerous disease.

And you can use diseases in battles when Corvo can turn them into a weapon. In addition, you will gain their energy when fighting enemies, which will simply let them go a little. Various weapons, such as a stylish scythe, will then also take the floor. Over time, the protagonist's fighting skills will also improve, based on your preferred style.

The release is still aimed at this year for the PC.

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