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The new Extreme Fox Alpha S/T is on the market

Alpha S 525S
Alpha S 525S

The first electric network found that the new Extreme Fox Alpha S and the new Extreme Fox Alpha T are now officially on the market. As an annual facelift model, the new car has been upgraded in the three-electric field, and the pricing remains basically unchanged from the current model.

It is worth mentioning that the Alpha T 480S model was also raised from 241,900 yuan to 242,300 yuan, an increase of 400 yuan; the Alpha S 525S model was lowered from 251,900 yuan to 247,300 yuan, a decrease of 4,600 yuan.

Among them, the new Alpha S includes 3 models, ranging from 247,300 to 350,300 yuan; while the new Alpha T has 4 models, ranging from 242,300 to 325,300 yuan.

In terms of power, the Polar Fox Alpha S 525S adopts a single-motor layout, with a maximum power of 218 horsepower and a maximum torque of 360 Nm.

The battery pack capacity is 67.3kWh and the cruising range is 525km. The Alpha T 480S model has a motor with a maximum power of 160kW, a maximum torque of 360N·m, a battery pack capacity of 67.3kWh, and a cruising range of 480km.

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