The new version of the Tesla Model Y will be able to travel 640 km without recharging

According to The Driven, Tesla is preparing to release a new version of the Model Y crossover with a significantly increased range. The Super Long Range version should travel up to 640 km without recharging, which is really impressive.

Tesla vehicles already offer more range than competitors, and in some cases significantly more. Nevertheless, the brand continues to improve the performance of its electric vehicles. It was recently revealed that Tesla has received approval to produce five new Model Y trim levels.

The new variant, listed in the new documents along with the existing variants, will have a range of 640 km according to the NEDC rating, which is still used in China as well as Australia. - The driven

The source adds that when using the EPA rating in the US, the actual range can be reduced to 565 km, and using the European WLTP cycle, the cruising range can be about 584 km.

The car will receive 137 kW engines on the front axle and 184 kW on the rear axle. They will develop a maximum torque of 559 Nm.

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