The overseas version of is partially down

Activision Blizzard’s game launcher is called ( According to The Verge, the overseas version of has recently experienced some downtime, and players cannot log in.

Blizzard responded to this by stating that the server has suffered a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack and is working to resolve it.

A DDoS attack refers to flooding a target server or its surrounding infrastructure through large-scale Internet access, forcing a website or service to go offline. It is usually executed by a botnet, which is a network of machines remotely controlled by malware or malware.

On DownDetector, many Activision Blizzard games and platforms have reported interruptions. Most people reported that could not connect, and the service connection of the game did not seem to be affected much.

At present, login has begun to queue up, and users need to wait for a while before they can enter.

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