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The president of Microsoft will reveals the next operating system version


Microsoft drew attention to the next major version of Windows recently for the first time after years, as it has been 6 years since the appearance of Windows 10 but the head of Microsoft has now spoken about a next-generation alternative, as Windows 10 was originally introduced as The latest version of Windows.

But the world of computing has changed dramatically since 2015, and Microsoft now needs to change its game. Speaking at a special Microsoft presentation, CEO Satya Nadella revealed that we should expect a major new Windows release soon.

The Microsoft chief said, we will soon share one of the most important Windows updates of the past decade, to create greater economic opportunities for developers and creators. I have been hosting it myself for the past several months, and I am very excited about the next generation of Windows. We welcome every creator looking for the most innovative, new, and open platform to create, distribute and monetize apps, and we look forward to sharing more very soon.

But it is not clear if Satya is referring to Windows 11, or some other yet-to-be-named version, instead, the latest version of Windows is 10.0.21387.1. Microsoft will likely drop Windows 10.1 as a next-generation version.

In any case, it looks like this will be the biggest change to Windows since the launch of Windows 10 in 2015, and unfortunately, Satya did not say exactly when the new version will be revealed.

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