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The Progress cargo spacecraft sets a record for longevity in space

The Russian Progress MS-14 cargo vehicle, which is now bound to the International Space Station, has set a record for the length of time vehicles of this type stay in space. The Russian news agency RIA Novosti indicates that the previous figure was recorded by the Progress M- 17 "In the years 1993-1994, when it stayed in space for 337 days, including the period of its flight and its docking with the Mir space station.

But at 4.45 pm on Sunday, March 28th, Progress MS-14, while still attached to the Russian Zvezda unit of the International Space Station, exceeded this period.

According to NASA data, the Bugres MS-14, which was launched into space on April 25, 2020, is scheduled to separate from the International Space Station on April 27, meaning that it will set a record 367 days to stay in space.

Ross Cosmos plans to launch the Progress MS-17 cargo vehicle on June 30, and the Progress MS-18 cargo vehicle on October 28, and on November 24, the Progress MS-17 special vehicle is scheduled to be launched with a unit.

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