The requested YouTube feature is already being tested


The YouTube video playback application is constantly changing and offers more and more features. One such innovation is already being tested. Applies to automatic video playback on the home page. Will this gadget come in handy?

The editors of the well-known XDA-developers server did not miss one of the Twitter posts of the owners of the Google Pixel 4A phone, which noticed interesting news in the YouTube application. It is able to play videos directly on the home page without having to click on them. This can definitely be useful in many cases.

However, there is more news. Videos on the home screen will play with audio, and you will even have the option to pan them. Icons will also appear in the upper right corner of the image being viewed, allowing you to turn the volume on / off or display subtitles. However, as you can see in the video below, these features aren't working as they should yet. It is therefore clear that this is a trial run .

It looks like Google is currently testing new features in a small circle of random users across different devices. For the time being, everyone else can enjoy automatic video playback on the home screen without sound and without the possibility of control. It is not yet clear when all the remaining users will receive the news.


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